Alright, here we go!

In honor of Agent of Asgard coming out today, and our favourite trickster getting his own comic run, I’m holding a giveaway!

There will be two prizes:

First prize is a fully finished resin cast copy of AoA Loki’s horned headdress, as shown. All new sculpts by me, soon to be up in my Etsy shop if you don’t want to take your chances on a lucky reblog.

Second prize is Loki’s MCU Avengers armor, sculpted and resin cast by me! They’re finished with a golden bronze color, aged, weathered, and sealed in polyurethane for durability.


  • Must be following me
  • Likes will not be counted, reblogs only 
  • You can reblog as many times as you like
  • I’d appreciate it if you go like or at least check out my FB fanpage for my work (and share the giveaway post on Facebook for another chance to win!)
  • Winner will be chosen in 2 weeks (Feb. 19th) using a randomizer
  • If you live outside of the US & Canada, I will have to pester you for shipping (don’t worry, it won’t be much)

That’s all, happy new comicbook day and good luck!

omg that crown!;_;



We were allowed to go over Central London, about 500 ft. And the door of the helicopter was open. Tom Hooper, who directed, was sitting behind the camera. I was leaning out the window, and at some point he said, “I’m afraid we have to cut. We have to change around.” Okay, good. That’s completely fine. Cut…

This is hilarious.